zzysh® vs. Private Preserve


Like zzysh®, Private Preserve is a wine preservation system that uses naturally occurring gasses to preserve some, but not all styles of wine. And like zzysh®, it also employs gasses found abundantly in the air we breathe.  Although it may not be the most sophisticated wine preservation system available, Private Preserve manages to at least meet basic expectations for wine drinkers seeking a quick, inexpensive fix in wine preservation.  

But in the spirit of innovation, and exceeding basic expectations, (hey, we’re Swiss, what can we say) we’ll hold Private Preserve to the same standards we bore in mind when we developed zzysh®. 

What you get with Private Preserve

Like zzysh®, Private Preserve applies the benefits of food grade natural gasses to preserve your wine. Hold a nearly weightless spray can of Private Preserve, and it may take a little leap of faith to believe argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen are found inside. But assuredly, they are.

This system, however, differs dramatically from zzysh® in its delivery. For lack of a better comparison, Private Preserve may easily be mistaken for an industrial spray can. And in essence, it is a spray can. That said, its design is fairly straightforward. The extension tube extending from Private Preserve is nothing more than a simple plastic straw, flexible enough to find its way down the neck of your open wine bottle.


To use Private Preserve, simply take the extension tube, and position it inside the neck of your bottle. Make sure that the tube touches the neck before you spray. For a standard bottle size of 750ml, spray for about one-second, then apply four more short applications. For larger bottles, add longer sprays and so on. And now you are ready to spray away. But do save your used wine cork. You are going to need that to seal your bottle again.

Basic Expectations

Private Preserve is easy to use, but takes a little finesse. For many, this presents a small learning curve. It is important to insert the extension tube as directed, or this system does not work effectively. That said, the extension tube is thin and made out of plastic, and fairly flimsy.  If you drop the extension tube into your open bottle, then happy fishing.

Bear in mind too, that Private Preserve would be rendered useless if it were shipped without the extension tubes. Some users also report altered taste to their wine.

zzysh® Far Exceeds Basic Expectations

Why is it important to exceed expectations? Well, consider that exceeding expectations means moving beyond the basics to complete satisfaction. It also means we thought of the pesky realities of wine preservation before you did, and found the best way to preserve all wines for everyday purposes.

Like you, we wanted specific answers to specific questions when it comes to wine preservation.  We wanted to know, what’s the easiest and best way to preserve any type of wine? And also, how long can I preserve my bottle? A few days? Or a few weeks?


Because We’ve Mastered Wine Preservation

zzysh® draws from breakthroughs in food science to naturally and safely preserve any type of wine under the sun. Whether it is Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne, Bordeaux, or even fine-aged wine, we have you covered for all wine styles.

Practically speaking, we created two zzysh® preservation systems to preserve sparkling wines, and all other wines, including reds and whites. Both systems deliver the same mechanism.  Here’s how they work:

Simply fit the snug zzysh® stopper on top of your bottle, attach the handpiece and press it down for 3 to 5 seconds. No need to fumble around to seal your bottle with your used cork. When you remove zzysh® from your bottle, our stopper guarantees that it remains effectively sealed against ambient oxygen, while sealing the new protective atmosphere within.

Because We Have Such High Standards

It was not enough for us to develop an effective system, but also hold zzysh® to the highest standard of performance possible. After all, what good would it be to preserve a wine if we affected its taste? If we failed, we told ourselves, we would have to scrap the idea and get back to the drawing board

Not only do we believe in science, but we also believe in the power of tastebuds, actually, the world’s greatest tastebuds, to be exact. That is why once we received the blessings from world-class sommeliers who blind-tasted zzysh® preserved wines, did we feel we met even our own basic expectations.

It was also not until we could answer another critical question that we felt prepared to release our system to the world. How long can zzysh® preserve wine?

The answer may surprise you.

So here you go. Open a bottle of bubbly, have a toast with your friends, and save the rest with zzysh®. Pop it open half a year later, and enjoy the same mouth-tingling fizz. Guaranteed. For all other wines, enjoy your bottle weeks later. We guarantee you will taste the same glass every time. And unlike Private Preserve, we have never had reports of altered tastes in either instance.

At zzysh® we offer a toast to you, to good taste and longevity (yes, your bottle too).  Cheers!