zzysh® is Revolutionizing Wine Menus at Restaurants and Bars

revolutionizing wine menus of restaurants and bars

We’re always talking about zzysh® being the ideal wine preservation system for households and individuals, but what about restaurants and bars?

Though not ideal for establishments looking to preserve every opened bottle, it is perfect for offering a few special wines by the glass.

Wine by the glass at restaurants and bars is generally only available for the low-to-medium-level wines on the list. A glass of something fancy is quite rare, as the risk of it going bad is too high.

Sure, this is changing a bit as interest in wine increases and drinking establishments step up their game. But unless they’re dedicated to wine, there’s still a lot of room to grow.

Again, oxygen, while a friend at first, becomes a wine’s worst enemy rather fast. It will take over a bottle, killing off aromas and tainting taste. That is why most restaurants and bars mainly offer entire bottles. It’ll only go bad if you decide not to drink it all at the table, wasting your money, not theirs.

It is when a wine is relatively cheap that restaurants and bars are willing to cut their losses. Worst yet, they will sometimes try to pass it off as a decent glass even if it’s been sitting for a few days.

**TIP: Always ask for a small sample of a wine being served by the glass to make sure it’s worth it. After all, wine by the glass is famous for being served slightly oxidized.

The concept of open and re-cork after every serving until finished is simply not a very good one.

But what if there was a way for restaurants and bars to offer high-quality wines by the glass without risking loss?



zzysh® is a Win-Win Solution

Customers will be happy with better, fresh wines to drink, and restaurant/bar owners will be happy to offer a wider selection without risking profit.

It makes a glass of wine a win with an e on the end!

As we mentioned in the intro, zzysh® is probably not the best option if an establishment is looking to preserve all opened bottles after serving. There are wine dispensers that use our same technology for preserving wine on a mass scale. However, unless you’re a top-end restaurant or wine bar, those fancy machines might not be feasible.

Unlike wine dispensers, zzysh® is compact and affordable. Utilizing an argon gas preservation system, zzysh® can preserve wine and sparkling wine for weeks on end. The gas forms a blanket over what’s left in the bottle, leaving aromas and flavors untouched.

zzysh®, Ideal for Restaurants/Bars looking to Innovate

Now that preserving wine is possible without a big, fancy machine, restaurants and bars can offer up unique wines by the glass without a problem.

It’s no secret that an eatery earns more off of wine by the glass. If they can offer a wider, finer selection, zzysh® Wine Preserve will pay itself off in no time.

Beyond profit, it will also add a plus to your restaurant/bar that customers will love and appreciate. And having a happy customer is what it’s all about.

So here’s to revolutionizing the wine menu, all thanks to zzysh®!