A little treat or a big party: bottle sizes and their flavour!


For many friends of champagne, the size of the bottle is often a question of the size of the celebration. If you really want to kick up your heels, bring the magnum down off the shelf. For smaller yet classy celebrations, the piccolo is the perfect size to select. Budget may also play a role for many people. In actuality, the size of the bottle is significantly more influential than that. And directly on the flavor, at that!

Size, fermentation, and flavor

In general, the size of the bottle affects the aging and maturation process of the champagne. It really depends on how much distance lies between the liquid and the cork. The less space, the better the taste.

The ABC’s of bottle sizes

From piccolo to midas: There are many different bottle sizes that champagne is offered in. The factor of the ratio to the standard size also changes along with the bottle size.


Bottle Capacity Name Factor
0,2 Litre Quart / Piccolo 0,25
0,375 Litre Filette/Demi 0,5
0,75 Litre Imperial 1
1,5 Litre Magnum 2
3 Litre Doppelmagnum 4
4,5 Litre Rehoboam 6
6 Litre Methuselah 8
9 Litre Salmanazar 12
12 Litre Balthazar 16
15 Litre Nebukadnezar 20
18 Litre Goliath / Melchior 24
26,25 Litre Souverain / Sovereign 35
27 Litre Primat 36
30 Litre Melchizedek / Midas 40


The bigger the bottle, the better the taste

If you really want to experience true pleasure, treat yourself to a bigger bottle of champagne. The harmonious and fine-tuned taste of the bubbly increases along with the size of the bottle. However, the independent fermentation that provides this excellent flavor no longer functions smoothly past a certain bottle size. As a result, this principle also has its limits. No sizes larger than 3 liters undergo an independent fermentation process and instead are mixed from an assortment of cuvée bottles. At a certain point, the choice of bottle size ceases to be about taste and likely becomes more about image and prestige.

One way or another, pop those corks at your next champagne party! Whether small bottles or XXL bottles.