Eight Wine Gadgets for Wine Lovers


For the serious wine lover, the quest for vino-sipping perfection never truly ends. It isn’t just about having the best bottles in your wine rack; it’s also about ensuring that every glass of wine is served at its peak, every flavor can be savored, and every one of your wine drinking needs are satisfied.


There are countless wine gadgets on the market today; from traditional accessories to contraptions at the stranger end of the spectrum, and from the useful, practical and ingenious to the fun and frivolous. Here at zzysh®, we know how much you care about the experience of drinking wine, and the lifestyle which surrounds you as a wine enthusiast. As such, we’ve put together a quick list of essentials that no self-respecting oenophile should be without!

A Quality Decanter

OK – we know that there is a long-standing argument surrounding decanters and their questionable necessity. We’re totally ready to accept that decanting your wine might not have any more effect on its drinkability than leaving the bottle un-corked for a while before pouring, and that by swirling your glass, you can more quickly and effectively allow your wine to breathe. However, such arguments miss the point. A beautiful decanter allows you to bring a touch of ceremony to your wine drinking evenings, and gives you a chance to appraise and enjoy the color of your wine. Isn’t that reason enough to invest in one?

A zzysh® Wine Preservation System

If you’re the sort of person who cares about eking out every last drop of enjoyment from your wines (and why wouldn’t you be?), then a zzysh® wine preservation system is the ideal gadget for you. All too often, we end up throwing away half-empty bottles, or seeing our wine go to waste after turning bad in the fridge. A zzysh® is an ingenious device which replaces the harmful oxygen in your bottles with an inert gas, ensuring that your wine stays fresh and ready for drinking, even weeks after opening.



A Champagne Sabre

If you like a bit of drama and ceremony with your wine drinking, then nothing – and I mean nothing – impresses quite as much as sabring your Champagne bottles. This historic and grandiose art has a history stretching back to Napoleonic times, and with a bit of practice, you can be wowing your guests with your flourishes of showmanship – all thanks to a new generation of specially made stainless steel Champagne sabres.

A Wine Pourer, Chiller and Filter


Why have four different gadgets when you can have one which does it all? These funky new devices perfected in Napa Valley allow you to chill your wine, pour and filter it (removing those pesky sediments), and stopper it tightly to keep it fresh for a few days in the fridge. Perfect vino poured with style!

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A Wrap-Around Thermometer

Failing to serve your wine at the optimum temperature is something so many people get wrong, and it’s something which can massively hamper the flavors, aromas and overall character of the bottle. If you want to ensure you’re getting the very best out of your wine, a wrap-around thermometer – which looks a bit like a wristwatch for your vino – will let you know how warm or cool your drink is. Never again serve your reds too cold, or your whites too warm!



A Wine Aerator

We all know that our favorite red wines, and especially those which really pack a punch like Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux blends, need some time to breath before pouring. With a wine aerator, you no longer need to wait for thirty or forty minutes, glancing at the clock before enjoying a glass. These simple devices screw onto the neck of your bottles, and allow air to pass through the wine as it’s being poured. The result? Perfectly open, well-rested wine in seconds!

A Wine Cooler

So, you have your vintage wine rack for your red wines… but what about your whites? It seems a bit of a shame to keep your treasured bottles of Alsatian Riesling and Gavi di Gavi in the fridge alongside the milk and butter, so why not get yourself a professional standard wine cooler to give your vino the treatment it deserves? Modern wine cooler systems provide the ideal atmospheric conditions to keep your wines in tip-top condition, while also providing an attractive display unit for you to show off your favourites.

A Professional-Standard Corkscrew

There is nothing in this world worse than the sinking feeling you get when a cork breaks in the bottle. The really tragic thing about this is that it often happens with well-aged wine – the kind of wine you treasure for years and which have older, drier corks – rather than your cheaper, everyday bottles. The simple truth of the matter is that not all corkscrews are created equal. Your supermarket-standard plastic bottle-popper simply isn’t going to work as well as a modern, well-made model, built with exactly these dilemmas in mind. Do yourself (and your wine) a favour, and invest in a corkscrew that won’t let you down!